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South West Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedures
South West Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedures South West Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedures

4.1.3 Children Integrated Disability Service Resource Panel (CHIDS)


The Children Integrated Disability Service (CHIDS) panel is the process way which recommends how resources are allocated for disabled children.


  1. Membership
  2. Terms of Reference
  3. Frequency of Meetings
  4. Papers
  5. Assessment Processes
  6. CHIDS Flowchart

1. Membership

CHIDS Manager (Convener and Chair)
Health and Children's Service Commissioners
Children's Community Nursing Team Manager
Managers of In house Short Break Services
SPOC Manager

Team managers, who will be purchasing services in this process, will present applications and as such make up the membership of the Panel.

2. Terms of Reference

The purpose of the Panel will be to act as a comprehensive gateway to all Short Break services and as such will:

  • Use the eligibility criteria to allocate, purchase and prioritise services against assessed need;
  • ¬†Signpost to community and specialist services as considered appropriate;
  • Ensure the needs and views of children, young people and their parents and carers are integral to the overall process;
  • Have oversight of the capacity, outcomes from contract monitoring arrangements of all Short break contracts ensuring that specifications are achieved, monitored and reviewed;
  • In the light of feedback from commissioners, parents and their children, and in discussion with providers, meet newly identified needs either through amending existing service arrangements or the development of new provision.

Panel will review all existing Short Break arrangements as well as considering and agreeing all new referrals.

The eligibility criteria will provide both a framework and transparent process towards accessing respite services. Resources will remain finite and Panel will have to give careful consideration to individual needs, service availability and priorities.

3. Frequency of Meetings

As a minimum the Panel will meet on a fortnightly basis; frequency must be determined by the importance of decisions being taken in a timely way.

4. Papers

Applications for services must be received at least three full working days before Panel meets using the form at Appendix 1.

As part of the process of accessing Short Break services, an assessment and care plan must be in place.

5. Assessment Processes

CAF Assessment

Social Work Assessment

6. CHIDS Flowchart

Click here to view CHIDS Flowchart.